Elementary Math Camp


If you feel like you never really mastered the elementary level math skills and as a result you are falling further and further behind in math class, then this is the perfect camp for you! This 15 week camp is designed to get you caught up with the skills that you never mastered or have forgotten from elementary school. 

The next camp session starts:

Monday, May 18th, 2020

(This plan autodrafts $86.99 every month for 3 consecutive months. After the 3rd transaction, the camp is paid in full and will not autodraft again.)

Middle Grades Math Tutoring


Math students who need a better understanding of Pre-Algebra, Negative Numbers, Expressions, Equations, and all other middle school math skills benefit from this monthly online tutoring service.  Unlike a camp, the Middle Grades Math Tutoring is designed to assist students with the homework assignments that they already have.  Super Easy Math does not provide content for this service.  Students will have a tutor who can comment on work submitted by a student.

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  (This plan autodrafts $38.99 every month. You may cancel at anytime.)

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