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My daughter appreciates math more now that she has been tutored at Super Easy Math. She feels more confident in her work and performs better overall on her math assignments.

Tiffany's approach to teaching math brings out the excitement and curiosity to learn.  I took the Super Easy Math refresher course at age 48 and enjoyed it so much that I plan to take another.

I registered for a required last class prior to obtaining my degree. It was a Linear Programming course for which it was necessary to solve some problems.using algebraic equations. It had been several years since I used algebra and I suffered from a real fear of mathematics but I had to pass the Linear Programming class. Additionally, I was concerned about my grade point average because I am a high-achieving student. I reached out to Tiffany at Super Easy Math for help. She connected me with a mentor with whom I met on a weekly basis. You should know that the result of working with Super Easy Math landed me successful completion of my required class and landed me a final grade of an "A."  I owe it all to Super Easy Math. You won't be disappointed when you connect with Super Easy Math. I'm a witness!

I just wanted to say thank you for the math videos available online. I had to refresh my memory for a test and these videos were a big help. Tiffany is an amazing teacher and I really enjoyed these videos. I only wish the videos were around when I was in grammar school and probably would have been a better math student.

I began my journey in a harness 500ft above ground as a telecommunications engineer (My head was literally in the clouds at times). With every promise of a promotion, there lie the fact that I lacked my high school diploma. Those remaining credits haunted me as a young adult, and continued to do so as a professional. I felt like most of you do now, or have felt before. I was doubtful.. I was doubtful that I could change what has come to pass. Though with age I have learned that life gives you ample time to make the correct decision(s). With time, life grant's you ample opportunity(s) to correct decisions once made. My first step towards furthering my education and my career was to obtain my G.E.D. I scheduled an appointment at the nearest adult education center and passed all sections/portions other than math. I knew that if I wanted to accomplish this necessary task I needed assistance with some fundamentals. I came across a YouTube channel (which some may be familiar with) which was super easy math! There was Tiffany! Explaining formulas, and functions/operations of math. As the channel's popularity grew, It become clear.. There was an eagerness/urgency to learn! She began offering tutoring (which I readily accepted). I have since taken my G.E.D "math readiness test" with a passing score!By applying all that I have learned from my tutoring sessions. This in turn, has given me a boost in confidence regarding my abilities, and my future career path! If there is anything that you should take from my testimony, it is this.. It's never too late! No excuse(s) or doubt should stand in your way. Education is no longer a privilege in this country! Women have the right, the less fortunate have that right, and those of "color" have that right! Make the right choice for yourself. One that you will never regret making! Thank you to all at super easy math, and it's affiliates.

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