Video Answers

Box-and-Whiskers Plot:  22

Combining Like Terms: 9a² + 16a - 15

Graphing Linear Equations in Slope-Intercept Form: (0,-7)

Graphing Linear Equations in Point-Slope Form: (y-90)=100(x-1)

Graphing Linear Equations in Standard Form: b

Mean: 5

Mean Absolute Deviation: 2.8

Median: 13

Mode: 9

Range: Set A

Solving Equations in 2 Variables (Elimination Method): tires cost $125, windshield wipers cost $24

Solving Equations in 2 Variables (Substitution Method): 11 and 14

Solving Inequalities: m < -3.5

Solving Inequalities with 2 Variables: 4

Solving Systems of Equations: x=30 and y=24 (or y=30 and x=24)

Solving Systems of Inequalities: b and c

Solving Inequalities in 2 Variables: 4

Linear Equations in 1 or 2 Variables (what's the difference): Answers will vary.

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